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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/13/2016 10:00 pm

Please choose three out of the following four questions to answer.  Your answers should be approximately the equivalent of 3 pages each (double spaced in Times New Roman or Cambria font) in Word (Don’t use any spacing or formatting tricks).


     Good answers will connect course themes and issues to the broader implications for society at large.  When appropriate, please reflect on socialization processes, opportunities, social structures and perhaps social theory on masculinities, including your own opinions.  Each answer should incorporate a minimum of 2 class readings. The full-length documentaries we watched, Cruel and Unusual and Bro Code, can count as one of the two required readings per essay question.  Be sure to be analytic and provide critique or sociological considerations. Don’t just summarize the readings. Thoughtfully incorporate them alongside your reflections/thoughts. 


1) Why is it important to study masculinities?  Do you believe society is opening up or remains closed off to alternative forms of masculinity?  Consider trans-historical or cross-cultural examples, and discuss how our idea of normative masculinity in the United States is different from other periods or cultures.  [most readings can work well in this question. Choose a minimum of two]


2) Survey 15 people asking “Have you ever been called a fag? What do you have to do to get called a fag? Do you think it is meant to challenge your (perceived) heterosexuality (if you identify as such)? If not what’s going on? Have you called other people a fag?” Then incorporate those answers with C.J. Pascoe’s book Dude You’re a Fag and one other reading of your choice.  Try to include some quotes from your mini survey in your analysis. 


3) How are transwomen (MTF) treated in the prison system? What are some considerations that should be taken into account when placing a transwoman in a men’s prison that is different from her chosen identity? Do you think transmen (FTM) would face the same challenges if they were placed in a woman’s prison?  How are transwomen systematically targeted or discriminated against in society? Do you think these factors contribute to the disproportionate numbers of trans people in prison? How so? What structural policies might be implemented to help trans people stay out of prison or be protected in prison? Do you personally believe transwomen should be allowed hormone replacement therapy? Why/why not? [Jenness, Travesti, Cruel and Unusual]


4) In modern society what does it mean to be a gentleman? Do you think the majority of men in society are “gentleman”? Have the expectations changed dramatically over time? Are there certain behaviors or expectations that remain constant/static?  Do you think being a gentleman is related to heterosexuality and finding/maintaining a partner? Do you think gender norms of gentlemanly behavior are similar to or different in male same-sex couples? [many readings work]


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