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This short paper is a final for my Modern/Contemporary English class. It asks to pull evidence/concepts from text that we have read in class to support our arguments. The book I need you to use for this is called "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. Here's a PDF of the book to pull a couple of quotes from: You could also use this website: It gives you a summary/analysis of the book as well as themes, character list, plot overview, etc. Should be written well and professionaly, as this is a college level course. Below is the prompt:

Many of the texts we have read this semester are preoccupied with the way technology has changed us as individuals and as a society. How has technology altered the modern world, and how is that reflected in the texts we have read? Have we made a “devil’s deal” to acquire our technology, and if so, what has been the cost? As technology continues to develop faster and faster, how might it continue to drastically reshape life? Please support your argument with evidence from a specific text(s).

Overall, answer the questions in any way you wish, just make sure you pull evidence from the book to help you answer them. It only has to be a couple of pages, so it shouldn't be too tedious. No need for a citation page or a cover page.


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