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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/11/2016 07:30 pm

• "Putting It All Together and Making it Work at Work" - application of course material.  


 Reflect back on the various chapters and topics that we have covered in the course (e.g., motivation,  bullying, stress, job design, team development, power in the workplace, cross-cultural communication, negotiating, transformational leadership, organizational culture, psychological contracts, equity theory, organizational politics) and 'real-world' situations that you have experienced (or are presently experiencing). Prepare a paper describing the situation and how the lessons of Organizational Behavior help explain what is happening AND how the lessons of OB can guide managers to a better way, with respect to that situation. How can you make the lessons of OB work at your workplace?? 

Target five double spaced pages (however, if you go over a bit, no penalty). This paper should be your thoughts and analysis, and written in your words. Do not quote or copy from the text or other sources, and do not cut and paste from the internet.      

Refer to the specific Learning Objectives (e.g., LO 6 - 3 for learning objective 3 in chapter 6) or the specific topics (e.g., improving reward effectivenss) which is/are the basis of your application paper.       

• Your completed paper should be in a formal, high-quality business format. Grading will be: 


1) paper preparation (appearance, correctness, spelling, writing quality etc. ) - 20 pts.                              


2) Thorough, in-depth analysis and explanation of the problem/situation that you are addressing, using specific class Learning Objectives or topics - 50 pts 


3) Thorough, in-dept application of specific class Learning Objectives or topics to develop a method to improve the situation - 50 pts.                                                                                        

 4) Explanation of expected outcomes grounded in specific Learning Outcomes or topics - 30 pts.




Your paper should be double spaced with 1' margins. Citations and references should follow APA style.


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