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(1) Learning Activity #1 for Response to (AB)

Technology has a major impact on decision making. The spread of the wireless technology, mobile phones as well as e-mail has made it very easy for the employees of different companies to easily communicate. In addition, when a problem occurs they can quickly browse the web to do research, find answers, or gain information. The use of technology sometimes even eliminates the need for someone to talk to another person to get their opinions/views before making a decision. The use of mobile phones as well as e-mail has greatly driven decisions towards the top. People have more confidence that technologies will provide solutions to a range of problems.

            IT provides a business with a Decision support system (DSS) and Artificial intelligence (AI) system, the combination of these IT systems helps you create information through online analytical process (OLAP) to facilitate decision making tasks that might require significant effort and analysis (Ramey, 2012). Technology simplifies the way we make decision in a business.

Roles of technology in decision making (Ramey, 2012):

·         Data Processing Capabilities - Technology will help you make quick business decisions by giving you the ability to slice and dice your way through massive amounts of information.  Data warehouse have data mining tools which computerize the process of making decisions.

·         IT brings speed - Vast amounts of information, and sophisticated processing capabilities will help you create information useful in making a decision. IT provides great power, but you – as the decision maker must know what kinds of questions to ask of the information and how to process the information to get those questions answered.

·         IT Supports group decision making - A team of employees can use a group decision support system to make quick decisions. A (GDSS) group decision support system is a type of decision support system that facilitates the formulation of and solution to problems by a team.

            The spread of the firm intranets, multinational smart phones as well as e-mail has made accessibility of managers to be very easy compared to initial days before emergence of technologies (Saaty & Vargas, 2013). When organizations are setting up technology as well as communication systems, they are supposed to always cautiously consider where on the chain of command is supposed to be made. The emergence of computer-aided design (CAD) technology together with the enterprise resource planning has enabled the employees to solve design as well as production problems without having to involve their heads or superiors.

            Furthermore, the ERP software, are used to track the production, sales, human resources, inventories as well as energy use. That has greatly boosted information availability to the local managers and that has in turn reduced their need to do consultation with the HQ (Ingram et al. 2012). But decision makers still need to manually combine data from a variety of information systems. Technology can assist in decision making and gathering data, but decisions still take human thought and consideration.



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(2) Learning Activity #1 for Response to (AN)

Decision making involves various processes which are influenced by technology. Technology will help you make quick business decisions by giving you the ability to quickly go through a massive amounts of information. IT provides great power, but you as the decision maker must know what kinds of questions to ask of the information and how to process the information to get those questions answered.

The majority of the organization's leaders have confidence that information management is the most important effective factors in organizational performance and competitive advantage. Nowadays, decisions about information networks and other applications of the technology explosion is responsibility of organization's senior management. Quality of information and its process efficiency be manifested in correct, related, timeliness, desirable. Act fast for managers in decision making and correct their decision is dependent to quality and quantity of information that will be available for them (Back Hard Et al, 2008).


Back Hard Et al. 2008. Tehran. Managing change and innovation. Retrieved from:       



(3) Learning Activity #2 for Response to (AO)


The fact pattern shows that there are, in fact, various levels of decision making.  Most of the decisions made were strategic decisions because the CEO, and everyone else in the company, knew that this drug had no evidence supporting that it worked.  The top of management chose to ignore and hide the negative feedback as long as legally possible and used the systematic marketing strategy.  This strategy is used to make a business grow as quickly as possible.  With strategic decision making and systematic marketing strategy, the business should quickly grow but unfortunately they were being unethical. 

"Ethical business - as other ethical issues - are a matter of individual and collective judgement (Businessballs, 2016)."  The unethical decision that this business made was deciding to push a drug that had no scientific evidence that it actually worked in aiding in the treatment of Crohn's disease and lupus.  Ethical businesses are concerned with how profit is made and how much profit is made.  "The ethical approach to business and investment seeks to maximise profit and return on investment while minimizing and avoiding where possible negative social effects (Businessballs, 2016)."  This is exactly what the company was trying to do, avoid negative social effects. However, their decision to push a pill that did not work and not report any negative feedback, was extremely unethical. 

The major decision that face Dominique, Blaze, and the organization are whether to pull the drug off of the market and lose a great deal of money for the company, or lie to the FDA and continue to aid in a corrupt company.  They could also tell the FDA the truth and face being fired or having the organization shut down for fraud.  I am a law major so I always look at things from a legal standpoint.  This has lawsuit written all over it.  Each individual that takes this drug could file a lawsuit against the organization and get huge amounts of money from them.  

The leaders should change the culture and values of the organization.  Most people listen to their managers and worry about being fired but, usually, they are not told to lie or commit fraud.  Leaders in this company should be fired and replaced or change the way they view the company.  They should remove the drug from the market, no matter what kind of hit they will take. Not only will this show the consumers and potential consumers that they are being ethical, but it will also show that this is a business that can be trusted.  This company accepts their mistakes and works to fix them.  The values of the company should be drastically changed to focus on being an ethical organization.  There should be research to backup their drug claims and no one should be forced to lie or feel uncomfortable about pushing a product to consumers. 

In this scenario, the leaders response was to lie and push the negative feedback under the rug.  In the future, they should work together to figure out why this drug is not working. Or simply, not push a drug that is clearly not ready for consumers.  I agree somewhat that keeping negative feedback hidden as long as legally possible is beneficial but they should work to listen to the feedback and aim to fix it.  When consumers feel heard and cared for, they are more likely to continue purchasing from your company.  But when they are ignored, kiss your profit goodbye.  



Businessballs. (2016). Ethical leadership, decision-making, and organizations. Retrieved from


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