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You can choose any four essays right about two pages each. The total will be eight pages. But please I need it professional, I need to get A in this class. You have 48 hours? Is that ok?


1. Discuss the differences between liberalism and conservatism in terms of their assumptions regarding: (1) human nature, (2) equality and inequality in society, (3) the extent to and direction in which change is possible anddesirable, (4) their relative emphasis on order and liberty, and (5) their relative emphasis on individual liberty and equality. 


2. How would you define democracy?  How would you know, despite what they say, whether one “democracy” is more democratic than another? Then compare the executive and legislative structures in the American and British models of government - how do they differ and what are the main features of dissimilarity between the separation of powers and parliamentary structures of government?  In your opinion, which might produce the “better” democracy?


3. What is Hoffer’s definition of “true believer” and “mass movement”?  Does his theory help you to explain religious and political radicals, and why these types may be prone to the uses of violence and terrorism? How so? Cite examples.  What criticisms (for good and bad) might you raise in assessing the validity of Hoffer’s ideas? 


4. What are the central features of bureaucracy according to Grigsby and the work of Weber? How do these help you understand why the justice system failed in the case of Kristin?


5. Discuss the differences between the state and the international system.   What are the contrasting assumptions of the realists and idealists regarding the nature of the International System?  How do these contrasts help explain the differences in policy advocated by realists and idealists – pick some examples from the real world?


6. In nuclear deterrence theory, why is credibility so important? How does this help to explain the “trip wire” with NATO in Europe and our protecting our missiles rather than our cities from nuclear attack?


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