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I have two posts, and you will response to them with 150 words for each one.


The first one: I do not think education would be better if privatized in the US. Education is extremely costly and putting that burden on individual families just isn't right. Basic education like reading and arithmetic shouldn't have to be a privilege. Most families would have to send their kids to schools that wouldn't have the funds for textbooks, after school activities and other basic needs for classes like gym and art. As a college student I've seen what privatized education can do and most of the time it just leaves people drowning in debt just so they can manage to get a decent job that will pay enough to survive. The only benefit to privatized education is that you would be able to pick the school your child goes to. Plus privatized schools have less regulations and rules so they are able to create programs and teach how they like to. Which means you would pick the best school that caters to the needs of your child as long as you could afford it. The biggest downfall of this all would be not being able to afford your children going to school. This means most families would have to take out loans just so their children can learn or teach their child themselves. The benefits of public education is that everyone can go to school no matter what because it's free. Plus, your child will most likely go to the school closest to you and get free transportation there and back every day. Also, most public schools have certain standards set by the state government making each school within the state fairly similar but also restricting each school. The drawbacks is that most schools just try to push as many kids through the system as they can without caring for how much they can actually learn. If I was able to afford to send my kid to private school I most certainly would just to know that they would be getting the attention they need and the best education possible.


The second one: 

I believe that the privatization of education can be both advantageous and disadvantageous depending on the person that is affected by it. For rich people, the privatization of education is acceptable as they already afford the most competitive and advanced private schools today.It will also be good for them to distinct themselves from poorer people and make sure that their children are mentored well by the teachers and grow up in a positive and supportive environment at expensive schools that others cannot afford.           

            However, the same is not true for the poor people who will find it difficult to afford even the most basic education if the school system should go private completely. At present, however, poor people often receive very poor education at public schools which will not equip them for the challenges of life.

            Concerning the privatization of education however it must be remembered that universities are already private and most of the ones that grow up around poor neighborhoodscannot afford.


            I believe that the privatization of schools will not make a significant change especially if it is managed well. At the same time, the advantages with her hair, and will not really benefit the rich but not the poor.


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