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The PDF reading on Power (placed on MOODLE) and the following activity is designed to help you reflect on your political skills and more specifically on how you use the different kinds of power in work-related and personal situations. French and Raven have illustrated the 5 different forms of power that can be found in a workplace environment: POSITION POWER – by virtue of your position Legitimate Power: you and others agree that you have influential rights because of your position and mutually accepted by others to be valid. Reward Power: your ability to control the rewards that others want. Coercive Power: your ability to cause an unpleasant experience for others. PERSONAL POWER – inside you, born with or developed Referent Power: based on interpersonal attraction Expert Power: you know what others need to know / do YOUR TASK: Think of which powers most relate to you in your current position/career/studies/personal life. How do/did you use these powers? What are/were the results? What could be improved? How did you feel? Choose one form of power from each POSITION POWER and PERSONAL POWER and reflect on the above points in @ 350-400 words per form of power. Remember, this is a very personal written assignment and all work will be handled confidentially. Your written report should: - have a title page (and 1” margins, Garamond size-12 font , and 1.5 spacing or 2 spacing). - be divided into paragraphs which have titles and subtitles (i.e. headings) - since this is a journal-type assignment, you probably won’t be citing any sources but if you do, make sure to follow APA style (6th ed.) and include a references page at the end. - Your completed assignment should be handed in typewritten, in class OR in a sealed envelope (stamped by the Registrar) at my desk in 4.10. No emailed assignments will be accepted. - Late assignments will be penalized 10% per day (as outlined in the course syllabus).


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