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Chapter 2 Exercise Discussion

Exercise Questions # 4 and # 6,  you have two answer these two question two times for each question two answer.

two diffrent answer (two assgnments for me and my firend)  

Please read the assigned exercise questions diligently, analyze their different aspects, draw from the material covered in this chapter, research on-line, if needed, and when you feel comfortable answer the questions. Review your answers before posting. You may copy and paste, or post an attachment. Please be concise and to the point, in your own words. 

  1. Much has been written in the news media about ERP systems, both in print and online. Using library resources or the Internet, report on one companys positive experience with implementing an ERP system, and on another companys disappointing experience.

    1. Visit CIO magazines Web site,, and conduct a search on ERP. Based on the search results, choose an example of an ERP implementation, and write a memo to your instructor describing the implementation. Discuss ways in which you think the company adopting the ERP system could have improved its implementation. 



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