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Case Study Assignment


A case study can be used as a research method and it can also be used for the purpose of training teachers, nurses, social workers, and business people. Our textbook author, Kathleen Berger, uses case studies and presents stories throughout the book to illustrate the application of theory and practice.

Using the Case Study Approach you will connect developmental theories to an explanation of human development and behavior.




Examples: Psychoanalytic theory focuses on the importance of early childhood experiences. Behaviorism and social learning theory highlights the influence of the immediate environment on learning. Cognitive theory focuses on intellectual processes and thinking. Sociocultural theory reminds us that development is connected to culture.


Your case study should be 3 pages long. Follow these steps:


You read this article for the Research Analysis Assignment. For the purposes of this Assignment, you can use the article as a reference for some of the behaviors that you may see in the classroom.


Anderson, D.H., Nelson, J., Richardson, M., Webb, N., & Young, E.L. (2011). Using dialogue journals to strengthen the student-teacher relationship: A comparative case study. College Student Journal, 45(2), 269–287.


Construct a hypothetical case that focuses on a hypothetical 7th – 12th grade student at risk for dropping out of school. Limit the focus of your case study to social factors only.


1.       Description of Setting (1 page)


a.       A description of your classroom (grades)


b.       Describe your setting (rural, urban, or suburban). Tell us about the area. Who lives there? What kind of community is it? What is the typical socio-economic status?


c.       Type of school—middle school or high school, public, private, or charter?


d.       What age group and grade level?


2.       Description of Student (1/2 a page)


a.       Describe your student. What problems are evident in the classroom? What social factors may be influencing the classroom behavior? What has happened to the student? Was this a student who previously exhibited an interest in school? What behaviors are you seeing ?


3.       Child Development Theory (1/2 a page)


a.       Which developmental theories or education/psychology theory would best explain the problems that you have outlined? You will use this theory to explain your interventions in Step 4. Use Chapter 2 in your textbook to help guide your response. How do the problems you are describing relate to theories of child development?


4.       Remediation and Retention (1 page)


a.       What strategies and steps will you take to help this student remain in school. Describe your intervention. Apply child development theories to your Instructional and behavioral intervention. Who else could you involve to help change the behavior? Under what child development theory in Chapter 2 of your text would this plan of action fall?


Your Case Study Assignment will be due at the end of Unit 4 and is worth 150 points.

You may view the scoring guide by which your project will be evaluated
by clicking on the “Rubrics” link under Course Home.


This Assignment meets the following course outcomes:


ED513-3: Explain current problems in the field of teaching in relation to theories of child development.



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