Project #160070 - Public Policy Analysis

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/12/2016 01:00 pm

To prepare for this midterm, be sure you have reviewed the materials in the Public Policy Analysis Course for Engineers found on the Carnegie Mellon University's Open Learning Initiative website:  You can sign up and register for the course using the Course Key:  Course Key: POL-IQ-2016.

Step A: Select an area of interest for which you would like to craft a public policy analysis.  Note:  You are welcome to use your answers for the 3D Printing Case as the basis for this midterm.

Step B: Complete the following questions.  Use Module 3 to guide you in developing your responses for each stage.  If you wish you can (1) copy/paste the Module 3 responses into a word document, (2) take screen  shots of your work, or (3) create your own report (similar to Midterms 1 and 2).  Just be sure to include a good problem statement, similar details as in Module 3 questions, and evaluation matrices similar to what was demonstrated in Module 2.

  1. Define the Problem.
  2. Assemble Some Evidence.
  3. Construct the Alternatives.
  4. Select the Criteria.
  5. Project the Outcomes.
  6. Confront the Tradeoffs.
  7. Decide.
  8. Tell your story. Write up your policy analysis and submit your work.

midterms 1&2 are 750-1000 word 


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