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Database Design
Read and study pgs. AC 50 – 56 in your Office 2016 textbook. Explore your professional, personal or volunteer life for a database application that will meet the requirement of this project. Be sure you read the project requirements below as you consider your database. The information used in your project can be actual or fictitious. Select an application and create a database containing a minimum of two tables. This project can be one from work, personal or volunteer organization.
Project Requirements:
Your database file needs to obtain a minimum of two tables. Give meaningful names to your database, tables, queries, forms and reports. In addition to the Access database you will need to provide a Word file with details of your database design (see section for word file requirements).
Each table should contain a primary key (a unique field) like the Customer Number in the Customer Table or the Book Rep Number in the Book Rep Table. The two tables need to contain a common field. At least one of your tables will need a numeric field (currency or number type) since you need to create a calculated field in a query. There should be a one to many relationship between the two tables. The ‘many’ table, the table that has multiple records containing the common field, should have a minimum of 10 records and 5 fields. The ‘one’ table should have a minimum of 3 records and 5 fields. Specify validation rules, i.e. formats, default values, legal values, lookup values for a minimum of five fields between the two tables. Establish referential integrity with the master or one table controlling valid entries into the many table. Be sure to save the relationship.
Create a minimum of 5 queries:
one should be a parameter query (query name should include the word parameter) one should contain a calculated field (query name should include the words calculated field) one needs to contain a compound criteria (and/or) using criteria from at least two fields (query name should include the words compound criteria) one query should be a statistical query (group by/average, sum, etc.) (query name should include the word statistical) one query should contain fields from multiple tables (query name should include the words multiple tables)
Create a minimum of one form and one split form
Give meaning names to your forms. Be sure to include split form in the form name for the split form. You will have a minimum of two forms saved one of which can be the split form.
Create a minimum of one report per table.
Each report can be based on a table or query. If you use the query containing multiple tables, then your report can contain fields from both tables. Your reports should contain a minimum of one field with column totals. Give meaning names to your reports.
Database Design Details: Provide a Word file that includes the following information:
Name of Table (parent table) that contains one record for each common field .i.e Customer Table, Book Rep table
Name of Table (many table) that contains multiple records for each common field. i.e. Item Table, Book
Common Field Name: What is the name of the common field (a field that is a part of each table structure)
Referential Integrity: Which table was the ‘one’ (the table that controls the valid entries) and which table was the ‘many’ table (the foreign key where the values must match the primary key of the ‘one’table). Review page AC 162 in the Office 2016 textbook for a description of one-to-many relationship.
List the field names that you created validation rules for and which table they are in.
Which field(s) is(are) the numeric field(s) that you will use to create a calculated field for in the required calculated query?


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