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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/11/2016 12:00 am



    Company Web page (HTML) (40 points)

Create a web page for your company and include the following categories:

    1. Title your Web page with your company’s name
    2. Write a paragraph about your company and the products you sell. Minimum 50 words
    3. Insert a picture of the products and/or services of your company
    4. Add an external link to any website that represents YOUR website (a similar one)
    5. Add Italics
    6. Add Bold
    7. Use more than one font style
    8. Use more than one font size
    9. Add background colors
    10. Validate
    11. Save

This page can be uploaded wherever doesnt matter as far as teacher can click on a link to review it 

Its very very easy assignment but i have 4 other finals going on this week so i am trying to save time and study other subjects instead. I am not willing to pay too much just to save hour or two from my time so please dont over bid. 




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