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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/17/2016 12:00 am


Students will answer the following questions on SeaWorld




1. Give the recent press and publicity regarding SeaWorld, how have the key external drivers of change affected the organisation? 


2. How can the organisation add value to its strategic position, given its current situation?


3. From the analysis carried out, comment on the Strategic Position of SeaWorld and how it can move forward as an organization.


Hand In Date


A Wordprocessed report of 2,500 words (+/- 10% excluding tables and diagrams) is to be submitted via the module Turnitin link by: 17th December 2016


News & Web Links


The links below provide some starting points but students are expected to add their own detailed research to develop the analysis:


Marking Criteria


(The marks for each criterion are to illustrate where the main effort should be spent and are not meant to be a strict marking scheme)


Presentation    10%


Analysis   60%


Structure    10%


Use of supporting evidence 10% (news & academic references)


Style of writing   10%


Please remember that an assignment is not meant to DESCRIBE what you have found.  Analysis means commenting on your findings and EXPLAINING what the evidence suggests about the companies.


General Guidance to students




-The introduction should be brief.  It is not meant to provide a history of SeaWorld


-Use the first three questions in the assignment brief to structure the report findings


-The Conclusion needs to draw the analysis to a close and comment on the SeaWorld’s strategic position and how they can move forward from recent controversies. Remember you do not introduce new findings into the Conclusion


-Diagrams and Tables should be included in the body of the report itself. You should not include these in appendices.


-References should clearly list all the material that have been referred to in the report and set out following the USW Harvard Referencing guidelines.




-Remember to use the models in a ‘dynamic’ way i.e. place relevant examples onto the models. Do not simply copy and paste ‘generic’ examples from the lecture slides


-Words in the models are not included in the word limit.  HOWEVER, the models lose their value if they are full of text.  They should aid understanding not confuse the reader because too much has been stuffed into them. Models, tables and diagrams are restricted to 200 words each.


-Models should be included in the main body of the report, not in the appendices


-You may well refer to points made in earlier parts of the report to show the connections in the analysis.  However, do not try to force connections e.g. all points in the PEST and 5 Forces models do not need to be directly linked, they are looking at separate things, though examples in the PEST will inform drivers in the 5 forces,


-You will struggle to stay within the word limit so focus on the KEY DRIVERS in your analysis


-You will not be able to use all of the examples if you have done the level of reading required so ‘cherry pick’ those that best illustrate the key drivers


-Facts and figures need to be supported with sources clearly referenced.




-Be your own independent work and free from plagiarism by ensuring that work that is not your own is clearly referenced


-Use Harvard style citation and referencing using the Drop-in centre published guidelines


-Be written in appropriate academic style


-Be professionally presented


-Have been spell checked and proof-read


-Be anonymous.


-Have a clearly labelled front page detailing the module code and title, title of the assignment, tutors name, your enrolment number and the date of submission.



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