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Please read carefully, and kindly only bid if you have access to the textbook and are familiar with public administration and case studies. Excellent writing skills required please!


A case study, in organizational theory & behaviour ( pages attached)


an essay: Maximum of Four pages paper, APA style.


Write a brief summary of the case, mention all the people in the case, and then answer all the questions posted at the conclusion of each case. You are to used the text as a starting point to analyze each case (especially chapters 11, 12, 14 and 15). Other texts and articles should be refernced in you discussion. In developing the essay, you should not exceed four typewritten pages. 

Please make sure you reference the appropriate concepts and or ideas of the chapters to your discussion. You should consider other sources, in addition to the text, to reference your analysis.

(the required text is: Health Organizations: Theory, behavior and development, by James A. Johnson, 2009 Edition, Publishers Jones and Bartlett.)



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