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I dont want an outline I just want a paper following the instructions below (professor's instructions):

4-5 pages – the text only            double spaced

Throughout the course we have studied past eras, the problems they faced and the opportunities they had, and looked for lessons to help us deal with key problems of our times.  We have learned of the opportunities that were seized and those that were wasted, the failures of past systems, and the advancements that were made politically, socially, and technologically. History is filled with successes, failure, and lessons that can be used for later generations. This paper will be your chance to show what you have learned from these eras and apply it to problems that we are facing today.



1.     Pick either

1)     Sustainability and Climate Change


2)     Social Justice

      either  a. racial and ethnic justice issues or

b. undue Corporate political influence/ big money in politics.



2.     Then, choose one from the list below. On the last class day I will also assign a second required one from the list below. 


You will show a) successes and problems that the era(s) faced and b) how those problems were addressed or not addressed c) the lessons from the era that can be applied to either Sustainability/Climate Change or Social Justice.



Native American Relations throughout the period we studied

Gilded Age & Populist Era,

Progressive Era,  

World Wars I & II Eras,

1920s & Depression,

New Deal,

The Cold War,   

Vietnam, the civil Rights Era, and the 1960s, ->

The Reagan, Clinton and Bush eras


3)     The lessons from the past might include, for example, strategies, tactics, practices, goals, dynamic structures, methods of persuasion useful for facing problems we are facing today. Apply your info and ideas with as much detail specific evidence as possible.

Note: If you answer 2b you must use Nace as well as Foner. For all,  be sure to use at least some relevant evidence from Foner GML AND Voices, Nace’s Gangs, class notes and PPTS, ASSIGNED articles, and IN CLASS (Only) FILMS. These are the ONLY sources you may reference in the exam.

Note: The Graders will be looking specifically for use of some of the following PPTS.

Week 1 Aug 29 01a-Future Shock 8-28 11pm-16.pptx 

                        01b - Big Questions to Answer this semester rev 9-1.pptx

                                    02a The Information Age rev 9-1-16-10pm.pptx

Week 1  Aug 31  01 - Periodizing Human History’s Foundational Technological-Economic Periods 9-1-16.pptx

Week 14 Revised     Fri Dec 2 15 So what lessons from the past provide ideas repeat.pptx


REMEMBER: Put your MAIN EMPHASIS, though, on the lessons you find in the historical past.

Use dates, specifics, and techno-economic periodizations AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS as well as you can. This is your final statement in this class, so make it as good as you can. Strut that history!


Mechanical Requirements:

4-5 pages – the  text only            double spaced

You may NOT share your written exam notes or exam outline or essay drafts with any current or previous student before handing the paper in. Nor may you read theirs.


First, MAKE an outline. (Attach typed copy to the end of your paper.)


List your choice of either 1 or 2a or 2b current topic at the top of the paper.

Underline “the period, crisis, or moment” you are covering at the beginning of the paragraph where you introduce it.


Absolute maximum of 10% quoted material, and even that must be justifiable. I.e. have reasons you couldn’t put it in your own words.

Number your papers pages. (Lose pts if you don’t.)

You may NOT share your written exam notes or exam outline or essay drafts with any classmate before handing the paper in. Nor may you read theirs.


Let yourself write a bit more than you will submit, and then edit it down a page or two.

Cite sources in ENDNOTES including book page #’s. and full PPT title inc. date and SLIDE #. Endnote all information that is not common knowledge.


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