Project #160176 - The Blind Side

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2016 11:00 am

Topics – Analyze the messages and themes in The Blind Side (favorite film) using some areas of culture discussed throughout the semester.  Should include a thesis, which specifies exactly what is being analyzed in the paper.  Thesis/opinions should be supported by specific examples from the film(s), as well as materials from the text, other assigned readings, or your outside research.   Length:  Responses should be substantive and reflect knowledge of the material.  Papers should be 4 full pages in length, formatted according to MLA standards, and include a Works Cited page.  Relevant images – of a reasonable size – may be included, and should be accompanied by a caption, or referred to in the body of the text.  (Note:  Images will not be counted as text.)   Should include at least three sources.  Do not use Wikipedia as a source.    


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