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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/14/2016 12:00 am


This Research Paper will highlight an issues related to criminology and deviant behavior.  The intent of this assignment is for you to learn more about a specific area that is of interest to you within the criminology and deviant behavior realm.  Analyze the pros and cons of your research topic.  Are there any controversies that exist according to your research?  Based on your topic, in general have changes been implemented for the better, why or why not and by what entities?

Paper will be a least five to six pages in length excluding title page, abstract, and reference page.  Will adhere to APA standards:  Double spaced, 10 point Arial or Times Roman Numeral font and 1 inch margins.  The number of references used and cited must be 5-6: Should be peer reviewed articles/journals or other credible textbooks or books.  You are allowed to use only 1 credible newspaper article, i.e. Associated Press. It is expected that scholarly journal articles will primarily be used.



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