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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/13/2016 02:00 pm

700-900words.When you acquire new information or perspectives, it is helpful to ask “so what?”   I believe you should do this at the end of every class.  If you think of your store house of ideas as a cabinet full of coffee mugs, then something has to change each time you buy a new mug.  You have to move mugs around to make the new one fit, thus changing the configuration, or discarding old ones, to make room for the new preferred mug.  So what has changed in your cabinet?  What have you learned in this class?  How has your perspective on the area of women’s mental health changed?  What, if anything, will you do differently or think about differently due to your learning in this class?  Please refer to at least 3 of the texts and topics discussed in class in your paper.


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