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just need to have a paper reviewed and make sure it hits all the key parts listed by professor. 

not asking for you to rewrite the paper. i just need someone to look over and make some changes to hit he points stronger. i need to get a 95 on this paper

Term Project




The term project links what you have learned in the course to managing your career.


Purpose and Relevance


The purpose of the project is to allow you to take a complete view of an organization and link it to your desired work environment.  Essentially, you are being asked to find and analyze your preferred company using concepts form the course. 


From a practical standpoint, this project is very useful in helping you learn about companies where you would like to work.  “What do you know about us?” is a very common question on job interviews. 


Assignment Format and Source Material


The assignment is in a take-home format that requires thinking and analysis,  as well as effectively communicating one’s ideas.  The scope is broad because it encompasses most of the course material.  


The Assignment


Choose one company where you would like to work and use the course material to explain why this company is a good fit for you.    You should focus those aspects of the company that will allow you to meet personal goals while making a difference at work.


Elements your project should include:


·       Structure: How centralized is the organization? How much autonomy will you have to do your job?  How much do you desire?  Will you have direct or indirect access to senior managers?  Is this important to you?  How specialized will your job be? Will you do a few things or is the job varied?


·       Organizational Culture: What are the organization’s values?  How well do they match your values?  What are the expectations in terms of performance and excellence? What are your expectations?


·       Motivation and Reward Systems:  How are employees rewarded?  What motivates people to work and stay at this company?  How does this fit with your needs and expectations?


·       Career Ladders: How much upward mobility is there for people with your skills and characteristics?  How do well do these career prospects meet your needs?


Specifications and Grading Criteria


  • Specifications


This assignment is a significant portion of your grade.  It should be detailed, thoughtful and make use of the course material.  This assignment cannot be completed in two or three. Five to seven pages is a good guideline.


Grading Criteria



a.  Are course concepts evident in the work and are they used to gain insights into the chosen company? 


b. Is there integrative thinking that results in a complete and detailed profile of the chosen company? Or is the analysis choppy and disjointed taking the form of a sequential analysis of several areas?


c. Has the fit between the person and the chosen company been explained well?  Is it clear why this particular company was chosen?


d. Is the information about the company accurate?  Has it been woven together using concepts from the course to provide a well thought out profile and analysis?




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