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attaching photo need to rewrite it with our company called The Cycle Path.

need to right a looking to the future 

some of the stuff listed below we need to talk about and how we will do it

also need to talk about product expansion maybe in mopeds and scooters. 

Global expansion: We are looking to take are brand all around the world. We believe our strategy will work for a global market. The Cycle Path manufacturing innovations in a global market will help us continue are Financial and Market share growth in the upcoming Future.


Cycle Path stores: We have plans in place to add factory stores nationwide, so are customers can purchase and service their products directly. Factory stores will help us with cutting costs, and such cost savings can be passed on to our customers.



Bluetooth technology on higher end bikes. The sensor built into the bike will transmits motion data right to your cell phone, which calculates and displays your speed, acceleration, time, and even distance traveled.

1-2 pages max


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