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In general: the paper is 2-3 pages in length. It requires you to find a newspaper article that is related to one of the core concepts listed on the class calendar. 

On page 1 you discuss the technical/ theoretical information, and the questions you must answer about the concept you chose.For example; If you write about unemployment you need to answer a series of questions such as: who is an unemployedperson? How do we measure unemployment? What are the types of unemployment .. . ) Write this in paragraph form, so it is logical, sequential in its development and to the point. Page 1 is not a glossary, it is to see how you are able to convey the basic information to a reader (your instructor) . There is no need to site information you use on page 1 since it is common knowledge in the course. You are NOT ALLOWED to use quotes. Please use YOUR OWN words. 

page 2 : 

On page 2 you analyze the newspaper article. What you write technically, and provide information about on page 1 , must be applied on page 2  

page 3 : Graphs 

All graphs must have titles (placed above the graph) 
All axes must be labeled and in correct measurable units. 
All curves labeled; all equilibrium points labeled. 
The graph should match/ explain what you have written on page 2 .
Some topics such as unemployment, inflation and the public debt might not require graphs, but I expect graphs when you are talking about AD, AS, Keynesian economics or the classical theory.
You must include your article or its URL with your paper.
Caution: The graphs required are ones that illustrate the economic theories and the concepts we learned in class NOT BAR OR PIE GRAPHS DISPLAYING STATISTICAL DATA INCLUDED IN YOUR ARTICLE.


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