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Sociological Imagination Essay SOCO 101 , Chad J. 50 points For this assignment, you will write approximately 2 pages using a specific sociological theory to explore your personal life experiences within a social context. For instance, you may want to use order theory to examine your family life, or apply conflict theory to the current educational system and how that affects your experience as a student in community college. Step 1: Choose one sociological topic, but try to be as specific as possible. For instance, if you choose health, do not write about health broadly; instead, write about access to health care (perhaps depending on race or class) or choose medicalization or another more specific aspect of health. Possible topics: Economy Family Religion Crime Criminal justice Deviance Health Environment Education Social Movements Step 2: Choose one theoretical perspective. Theoretical perspectives: Order Theory Conflict/Critical theory Critical Race Theory Feminist thought Symbolic interactionism Step 3: Find a reliable external source to that discusses either your topic or theoretical perspective or both. Use EBSCOhost or campus library to find sources. Your campus librarians are your best source for finding relevant materials. Step 4: Use your textbook (and/or external source) to apply your theoretical perspective to your topic. Be sure to cite external source and/or textbook in your final draft. To cite a source, please write down the name of author(s), publication date, title of book or article and name of the publisher at the end of paper. Step 5: Figure out how this topic applies to your life. Step 6. Write an outline of your paper. Here is an example: Paragraph 1: Introduce your chosen topic. Paragraph 2 and 3: Explain theoretical approach: What is your theoretical approach? How does it apply to your topic? Paragraph 4: Explain how this topic and theory apply to your real life Paragraph 5: Explain what you have learned through this exercise Step 7: Write a draft and then proofread it. Perhaps have a friend or classmate review it as well. Step 8: Turn in a printed copy of your final draft to class on week 16 at the very latest. Be sure that your paper has 1-inch margins all around the document, that it is double-spaced and written in a 12-point standard font (Times New Roman or Arial are preferred).


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