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This task is a 1250 +/- 10% word business report (any work beyond 1375 words will not be read) addressing the scenario and topic below.




The purpose of this business report is to make recommendations within the organisational context / scenario outlined below. When developing your report, you are expected to start by researching the topic and gathering evidence (findings). You should present this evidence in your report. You are expected to select and justify appropriate recommendations, based on your research evidence. For this task, you are required to cite a minimum of 3 journal appropriate academic articles.






SCENARIO: Imagine you have recently been employed by a large Australian organisation. In a recent meeting, your boss explained that the organisation is facing some challenges in relation to multicultural diversity and organisational culture and the ways in which these factors might influence the leadership styles adopted within the business. Your boss has asked you to prepare a business report making recommendations about the ways in which the organisation may deal with these issues.




YOUR TASK: You should present a fully researched academic business report that addresses the organisation’s leadership issues. In your report you should be sure to specifically address:


  • The nature of ‘organisational culture’ and recommendations as to how enterprise leaders may adapt their style to manage or change an organisation’s culture

  • The nature of cultural diversity in organisations and how enterprise leaders may adapt their style to manage cultural diversity. 

* Harvard Style Referencing



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