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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/14/2016 03:00 pm

                        Refer to any of the class materials from the course.Your grade will be determined on how effectively you communicate your original thoughts while integrating relevant materials from the class. grammar, creativity, critical thinking, clarity, and persuasiveness are all grading criteria that I will use. 


Write an article about the class Introduction to Entrepreneurship 

(Look at the sylabbus attached to see the main points about the class)


Imagine that you've been contacted by an editor at Forbes magazine to profile your semester in our class. The editor is interested in how this LMU class is impacting college students decision to be entrepreneurs. Reflect on the readings (attached) , guest speakers (attached)  and videos and the specific lessons learned throughout the various experiences of the class. 


Guest Speaker:


1. Larry Ray - (and notes that are uploaded)

2. Sydney Straballa - owner of (use notes uploaded)

3. Maceo Paisley - (use notes uploaded)

4. Baily Hancock - (use notes uploaded) 

You must mention at least 4 guest speakers


Your article max is  2000 words.You may include hyperlinks to speakers and other resources within the article. 



You must reference the Askinosie Case video and the episode of The Profit that we watched in class

You must discuss at least one case study from the semester (Dropbox, FreshTec or  Aravind) (All the readings are attached for this) 


For the videos: (askinosie case) (The profit)



USE ALL THE ARTICLES and read the sylabbus

on the second to last page there are some main topics that is said like leadership, competition, scaling and such. USE THE MAIN TOPICS TO ORGANIZE THE PAPER. 


Remember the audience - don't write this article for your professor, but for the larger business community. How can you share your experience in this class to add value to their lives?


P.S Please writes it in a creative format. Use Forbes another article to get an understanding how the formatting should be.

I'll send the attachments of the files that you must connect it with and included in the paper.


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