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‘With reference to the achievements of two destinations (two different countries), compare and contrast the effectiveness of national tourism policies versus the work of international organisations, in achieving sustainable tourism development over the past 25 years.

In this essay question, you need to demonstrate your understanding of the nature of tourism policies and the work performed by international organisations, and an appreciation of sustainable tourism development. Your essay should include:

1.0 Introduction

·         1.1 What are the current tourism policies adopted by the destinations. Compare the nature of tourism products in the destinations.


1.2 Provide background of the various international organisations wo do work in the few destinations you have chosen.


2.0 Structure or Body of Content

2.1        Discuss the roles and responsibilities of different types of organisations in tourism; the organisations can be those whose work deal directly and those whose work deal indirectly with tourism. Examples are UNWTO, UNESCO, Asian Development Bank (ADB) etc.

2.2       Examples of how tourism has been affected in different destinations as a result of these organisations or international agreements; (For example, the impact of the inclusion on the World Heritage List on Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or Petra in Jordan).

2.3      Examination of the effectiveness of the work done by International organisations. A critical analysis is to be expected for this part, and the next.   

2.4      An examination of the outcomes that proceeded from the tourism policies; an examination of the effectiveness of the policies.

2.5      A justification for both involvement or the international organisations and government policies in tourism for the pursuit of sustainable tourism.

3.0 Conclusion

·         An evaluation of whether the national tourism initiatives or the international organisations or agreements have had a positive or negative impact in the examples that have been discussed.

·         Conclusive paragraph of your essay.


This is an Essay Assignment, hence No using of headings and sub-headings in your writing.

-   Your writing in this essay must be from a third-party perspective (avoid using I they We, us and etc…).

                             - Ensure that the flow of your paragraphs is sequential and has good linkage.

             - Please include at least 10 academic journal references.

             - please follow APA referencing format


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