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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/13/2016 06:00 am

1. Watch the movie "Contagion" (from 2011). Give a summary (in enough detail so I know you actually saw it) and tell me: scientifically, is this plausible? i.e., could this really happen? How? Explain on the basis of what you know about viruses. Think about modes of transmission, effects, and what was done to control/prevent it (e.g., vaccine development) (15 pts.)




2. Read the article "How Your Cat is Making You Crazy" ( Again, summarize the article, and tell me: do you believe the author's hypothesis, that toxoplasma cysts in his brain are responsible for his symptoms of mental illness? Why or why not? Has there been any more recent research to support or not support the author’s hypothesis? Find at least one more-recent supporting or nonsupporting article. (15 pts.)




3. Look at the list of Nobel prize winners for research related to microbiology on this list. Tell me about the person – his/her education and experience; what this person did research on; how did his/her findings change or have an effect on the field? How did it change people's thinking about the field, or about the scientific/medical process that was being studied? i.e., what was so great about this person's findings? Why did (s)he deserve the Nobel prize? After winning it, did (s)he do research in any other areas? (15 pts.)


Emil von Behring                                            Barbara McClintock                Barry Marshall

Robert Koch                                                   David Baltimore                     Robin Warren

Paul Ehrlich                                                     Renato Dulbecco                    Harald zur Hausen

Jules Bordet                                                    Françoise Barré-Sinoussi         Howard Temin

Peyton Rous                                                    Max Delbrück                         Luc Montagnier

F. MacFarlane Burnet                                     Alfred Hershey                       Bruce A. Beutler

Peter Medawar                                                Salvador Luria                        Jules A. Hoffmann

Gerald Edelman                                              François Jacob                         Ralph M. Steinman

Rodney Porter                                                 André Woff                            E. W. Sutherland, Jr.

Baruj Benacerraf                                             Harold E. Varmus                   Jacques Monod

Jean Dausset                                                   Charles Laveran                      Rosalyn Yalow

George Snell                                                   Alexis Carrel                          

Georges Kohler                                               Charles Richet

Cesar Milstein                                                 Charles Made

Susumu Tonegawa                                          Gerhard Domagk

Rolf Zinkernagel                                             Max Theiler

Peter Doherty                                                  Selman Waksman

Joseph Murray                                                 John Enders

E. Donnall Thomas                                         Thomas Weller

J. Michael Bishop                                            Frederick Robbins


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