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choose 3 questions of these questions and answer them. ............................................................................................. 1) Define Intercultural communication and provide at least 3 examples of where and when intercultural communication has occurred or could occur. 2) What do you feel is the role of language/verbal communication in establishing and maintaining a culture? How does language reflect culture? Defining both language and culture would be useful for this response. 3) Write a 1 page essay (double-spaced), referencing concepts from the book and from class, about why you feel it is important to understand different religions, worldviews, and spiritual beliefs. In your response please make sure to be specific and not general about your arguments, first defining the concepts according to chapter 5 material and then identifying situations and instances (in your life or in general about world politics and geography for example) where you feel an increased intercultural understanding would have helped a situation and helped increase intercultural sensitivity or intercultural competence. 4) Define stereotypes, prejudice, and racism according to the chapter in identity (book and slides). After defining all three concepts in significant depth, including their potential causes and effects, provide an example of each from class slides/discussions or your own experience. 5) Define and explain what globalization is using several examples from class and your own experience. Then, explain why globalization is an important concept for two of the following six areas: International conflict, security; Competition for natural resources; Population shifts; Health care issues; Technology; Environmental challenges. 6) Explain the phases of culture shock according to book and class material. Be sure to provide any relevant examples from your own experiences as well as hypothetical experiences in explaining your answer.the film. Feel free to refer to Lost Boys of Sudan. 7) Identify and explain at least 2 events from United States history and discuss how each has impacted United States culture today or our global perception. 8) Explain the different types of nonverbal communication and then provide an instance where nonverbal communication was helpful in your experience, and one instance where it created a miscommunication, either interculturally or within one's own culture. 9) Which cultural values do you feel are the most celebrated within your own culture or heritage? In responding to this you must define beliefs and values and provide examples of how the importance of these values is reflected in your own life or cultural identity.

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