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Why is capital budgeting such an important process? Why are capital budgeting errors so costly? Differentiate between NPV, PI, and IRR methods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these methods? Why is there a focus on cash flows rather than accounting profits in making capital-budgeting decisions? Why such an interest in incremental cash flows rather than total cash flows?


Instructions: Your initial response should be at least 350-words. Support your main response with at least 1 scholarly journal reference in addition to the course materials. Please note Wikipedia, Investopedia and similar websites are not credible academic references. Refer to Forums Grading Rubric for additional guidelines.


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**Make sure you are using credible sources in your assignments. Scholarly journals are the preferred source of credible/quality references. These consist of peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals related to the field, which are found via our Library.  Websites such as Investopedia,,, or dictionary-type of websites limit the insight to the topics. Wikipedia is not acceptable as it is not a reliable, credible source of reference. The purpose is to bring in new information and how does it apply to our topic from a real-world perspective, instead of extending on definitions that are found in the book.


Please use this course book:
Keown, A. J., Martin, J. D., & Petty, J. W. (2014). Foundations of finance: The logic and practice of financial management (8th ed.). Boston: Pearson.


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  • All forum questions are answered completely.
  • Responses are original in content with a minimum of one scholarly journal reference.
  • All posts demonstrate analysis of the topic. 
  • Responses to classmates are significant and advance the discussion.

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  • Main response is posted by Wednesday. 
  • Main response is no less than 350 words.
  • Reply to at least two of their classmates by Sunday.
  • Responses to classmates are at least 150 words.

Clarity, Organization, & Professionalism Guidelines (20%):

  • Responses are organized and logical.
  • Minimal spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Appropriate language, respect, and consideration toward peers/instructor.



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