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1) Myth is clearly still alive today in popular culture. Use three examples (from class or your own experience) that demonstrate how Asian myths have been adapted to meet the needs of modern society. Consider looking at media forms such as film, animation, or video games, but any adaptation (including oral tradition or storybooks) is fine. How have these myths been changed to meet the expectations of modern audiences? What values are different now than in the past that have informed these changes?

2) What is the role of the arts (performing arts & visual arts) in the transmission of stories in Asia? Give three examples of myth traditions in Asia that are intimately linked with the arts and describe how the stories come to life in that art.


Instructions: 4 pages or 1000 words

Give credit for ideas that are unique to another person or author. You don’t necessarily need a full citation – just in-text reference of where the idea came from. (E.g.: “According to literature theorist Anthony Yu…” / “Our textbook authors explain how…” / “One of the students in our class, George, argues that…” / “The website ‘Chinese Myth through the ages’ highlights how…”)


Graded on:


 connection to course concepts


 organization of your ideas


 strength/relevance of evidence to support your ideas


 examples from at least THREE regions of Asia we covered in class (or your classmates covered in their paper), including:


 India, China, Japan, Korea, Bali, Java, Mongolia, Tibet, (Eastern Europe/Romania)


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