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Essay #4: 'A Hero'

Writing Assignment

In this paper, you will define the term "hero" and make an argument about which character (in your assigned text) is the most heroic. Before you watch the movie or read the story, list as many “heroic” traits or qualities as you can (e.g., bravery, patience, selflessness, etc.) While you’re viewing or reading, be sure to take notes—listing specific examples of heroic behavior. Then, use your notes to choose your hero based on which character best demonstrates your defined traits. (You may need to read the story or watch the movie several times.) To make your essay persuasive, you must rely on direct evidence (specific examples) from the story or movie to support your larger argument.


General Information

  • Grading: 100 points; 20% of final grade 
  • Length & Format: minimum of 3 pages; double-spaced, 12-point font
  • Heading: your name, your professor’s name, English 095, and the date (day month year)
  • Title: center your original title (in parenthesis write “Essay 4”)


Key Elements of an Effective “Hero” Argument

  • Big-Picture Focus and Message: Your essay should remain focused on your overall argument. Your big-picture argument about the most heroic character (this is the message) should be stated in your introduction paragraph and remain evident throughout your essay.
  • Organization: Your essay should be arranged in paragraphs—with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence and a main idea. The order and internal organization of your body paragraphs should make sense to your reader. (Note: In an essay such as this, you may want to organize each body paragraph around a single heroic trait.)
  • Evidence (Detail, Development): Your essay should quote and summarize specific examples from the text to support each main idea. Your use of such examples should be fully explained within the larger context of your argument.
  • Revision:  After you get feedback on your first draft, you should continue to revise your essay, making changes that will improve your content, development, and organization.
  • Sentence-Level Editing: After you are satisfied with your content, development, and organization, proofread this paper carefully.  Work to eliminate errors that may distract your reader from your ideas.  Be sure that sentences are clear and complete and commonly confused words are not confused.  Pay careful attention to quotation marks.  Check for other errors that you have found in earlier essays.

REMINDER: You must visit the Writing Center twice to work on this essay. Use TutorTrac to schedule Writing Center appointments. Please save your Writing Center slips.


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