Project #160493 - Polygamous Paper

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/13/2016 01:00 pm

I am in need to write a paper on a sexual practice that i am biased about. I chose Polygamy because i am a married and consider our relationship only being exclusive to one another.


This paper needs to explain polygamy, have references, and maybe even experience by forums online and reading others experiences.


No page length.


1.     Personal exploration: You may include visiting locations, reading and/or speaking to people who embrace this way of expressing and performing their sexuality. Be particularly cautions of your observing practices. You MUST NOT locate others under your observation for purposes of your learning, interpretation and possible judgement; inadvertently, this may result in othering others. Explore your discomfort in context. Reflect upon societal, cultural, family, educational, etc. considerations that are related to your tension with the topic.


2.     The academic exploration you will engaged with must include a revision of the literature about perspectives that would better help you address this challenge, being researching on the topic or diversity related theories. Make sure that the literature you are referencing has a systemic orientation (retrieving information from systemically oriented journals will help you with this), and/or is informed by feminist, postmodern, social constructionist, systemic or queer theory perspectives


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