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Individual Case Analysis 2

Provide a response to Case 9: The TJX Companies, Inc. (p. 437)—answer the question at the bottom of text on page 445 (last paragraph). Also, Do not "Design a three year strategic plan..." as outlined in the final statement. In lieu of this question, you are to answer the following questions:                       


Develop the projected financial statements that fully assess and evaluate the impact of your proposed strategy. This should include a full balance sheet, income statement, and EPS/EBIT analysis.


Therefore, the 2 items to complete questions/statements are the following:

1.     How aggressively should TJX expand globally, and where, and when, to maximize the value of the company for shareholders?

2.     Develop Projected Financial Statements that fully assess and evaluate the impact of the proposed strategy. This should include a projected income statement, balance sheet, and EPS/EBIT analysis.


You will need to use information contained in Chapters 7 and 8 in order to successfully complete this assignment.


I will attach photos of my book for refrenced pages


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