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Hello Scholars! I need someone to write a report an idea. My idea...has anyone seen the movie '13 hours'? Remember the scene where the contractors are getting ready for an pending ambush by local militia. Now the scene where the contractors are looking through their scope, i think, in my opinion, should be a 'Virtual Reality' game. I realise there are some VR shooter games; this is an idea. The Task... Oraganisations such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM etc. are always seeking new and innovative ideas to develop their next successful product/service. Microsoft and Apple alone spend millions of dollars in their research labs. This is to ensure that the future world of Information Technology (IT) does not stagnate and the road to the digital tomorrow is a bright and promising one. Consider a scenario where you have been hired by one of these corporate giants and you have been asked to come up with new idea. Here are some rules/considerations for creating the ideas- The ideas should revolve around the popular and upcoming technologies of today such as - Ambient Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Robotics etc. The idea should enhance an existing product or their current line of business. The idea should not be copied from the internet or any published resource. Be creative. The report has to contain the following: Covering aspects: 1. Identification (a description of the product/service) 2. Need (why have you chosen this particular product / service? NB: talk about its need.) 3. Innovation (Are there similar product/service(s) in the market? - if yes, what makes your idea a unique one; if not, what will make your idea first of its kind?) 4. Mechanics (how will your product/service work? Explain in depth its functions and features) You can talk about the nature of the product/service, other questions you may want to cover: - Which technologies will the product use? - How can the organisation benefit from this product/service? - What makes it unique? - A very brief explanation of how the product/service works? - Anything else that you deem necessary. 1000 words.


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