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As noted in Module 6 you have a choice of either writing a proposal for funding or a paper on about the Darker Side of Midnight.  Both of them require research and the incorporation of journal information to support   The following are instructions for completing your Final Paper related to The Darker Side of Fairy Tales  Included as attachments are YouTube videos for developing the essential points for creating a successful paper. I strongly suggest you confirm that your UDC One Card is validated to access UDC's library Database, as well as colleges within the consortium. Below are suggestions for determining your topic or getting ideas for one:


Final Paper

  • Conduct preliminary research regarding the fairy tale of interest.  For example: 
  • Identify a could be about the author and the meaning behind why he or she wrote them
  • Choose one -- of most interest to conduct further research for your paper; or
  • A new topic as a result of your preliminary readings.  Remember your focus is the Soc
  • Identify journal articles that are relevant to your topic to support your paper's discussion
  • Layout of paper: title page, table of contents, abstract, body of the paper; and resource page
  • The paper is to be 7 to 10 numbered double-space pages or more (but not less than 7)
  • NOT included in the page count are the: title page, table of contents and the 1 page abstract
  • Please do not click the return key twice between paragraphs (doing so will result in point penalties)
  • The font: 12 point, Times New Roman or Arial
  • Remember to include reference sources in the body of the paper; and
  • Please review the attached videos for further information.

The following are important facts to remember:

  • Do Not use Wikipedia 
  • PLEASE remember to store your documents on a flash drive, just in case there are problems accessing the Internet or worse your laptop crashes. 


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