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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2016 08:00 am

  • Create a new class called that extends JFrame, and set the window title to "Guessing Game" 
  • Using BorderLayoutcreate a north panel, center panel, and south panel
    • The north panel will have a JLabel with the text "Guess a number between 1 and 10?" (1 point)
    • In the center panel, add a JTextField where the user can enter a number to guess, and also add a JButton called "Guess" (1 point)
    • The south panel will have a JLabel for displaying if the user guessed correctly or not (1 point)
  • When the user clicks the "Guess" button
    • Make the south panel background color GREY if they guessed wrong, and display "Sorry try again". Be sure keeping a running total for number of attempts(1 point)
    • Make the south panel background color YELLOW if they guessed right, and display "YOU GOT IT (n attempts)", where n is the number of attempts the user guessed (1 point)
    • Make the south panel background color RED if they entered an invalid number (not between 1 and 10). (1 point)
    • After the user guessed correctly, set the number of attempts back to 0, and generate a new Random Number for a new guessing game. (1 point)


I have the guessing game finished but dont know the swing GUI stuff. 


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