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3 page paper on: Question: Please explain in detail the purpose of this article. Summarize important points or concepts that are discussed. Make sure you include a discussion of why this article is important to teachers and/or the classroom environment. If you are reading an informational handout, discuss each of the ideas they recommend teachers follow as well as their reasoning. Next, discuss three educational terms in the article that directly relate to your educational psychology textbook. You may have to read ahead in order to answer this question. Also, discuss any and all research that is conducted or discussed in the article. Provide information regarding who the participants are, what methods were used to collect the data, as well as the results of the study. Then, provide me with a discussion of the issues relating to this article that you feel were not adequately researched or discussed. Finally, explain to me whether or not you feel the article helps teachers to become better practitioners. Go into detail regarding whether or not you could implement their suggestions into your future classroom. For example, what class preparations would you have to make in order to implement the suggested classroom or school practices? Are these suggestions fiscally feasible for school district? Why or why not?


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