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Management Case:.   Developing Global Teams to Meet  21st Century Challenges at W.L. Gore & Associates

Answer the following Do the facts as presented in the case support the conclusions of the analysis?

Your analysis must have the following three parts:

Identify the management issues that are portrayed in the case.

Identify the relevant facts as presented in the case.

Answer the question by providing your rationale and supporting facts.

Answer the following Questions in your paper.

1.  What is it about the Gore organizational culture and competitive strategy that keeps it a leader in innovation and creativity?


2.  How did the leadership at Gore develop a unique and flexible structure and how did this contribute to globalization of the company and deliberate growth.


3. What advantages does the Gore culture provide in a dynamic world and in helping Associates build and maintain relationships?

4.  What propelled Gore to develop global teams and establish global human resource practices?

The case in Daft ends in 2009.  Update the case by reading materials that will provide information about W.L. Gore to 2015. You answered the above questions based on the case that ends in 2009.  Would your answers to these questions be the same in 2015 as in 2009?  What changed if anything?  How did Gore adapt to any changes in the environment.



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