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Background info needed:

The culture experience I chose to study further is the Tagalog a group of a people at first of central Luzon in the Philippine Islands. Fund this group of individuals extremely intriguing to take in additional look, The Tagalog is the major ethno-party in Philippines. I am very interested in their traditional songs, food and dance. I look ahead to utilizing a series of question and inquiries to provide more information on this social experience.

I first became of aware of this cultural group during our Asian Pacific month observance thru our military social event. where they displayed several of the traditional crafts that the women burn through broadened periods doing all the work by hand work, for instance, weaving, and sewing for relaxation and love flaunting their social specialty of sewing. This work was an intriguing presentation of quality work they showcased, hankies, tablecloths, and pullovers

Why does the Tagalog assemble qualifies as a culture accumulate, for they have a completely clear method for living that speak to their social and economic based life? Having these special quality is part of making things in a top-notch path in this social occasion are for the most part perceived to by its kin as their genuine values and intriguing (old) objects. Likewise, the Tagalog individuals have a long history of culture which clears up their start.

In this module, you will engage in your cross-cultural experience. To document your experience, prepare a 5-minute video or a PowerPoint presentation with photos (at least 6 slides) describing the experience. This assignment should be strictly factual, as if you were preparing a news story on the event. You want to convey to the reader the look and feel of the contact experience or event. Concentrate on “who, what, when, where, and how.” The “why” question is what we will focus on in the Module 4 Case Assignment.

  • presentation should be professionally prepared, as if you were making a presentation to your boss.
  • Presentations should be thoroughly edited and error-free.
  • Any photos should be accompanied by descriptions naming the participants and circumstances.
  • PowerPoint presentations may include voice-overs or other audio (e.g., music representative of the culture.)


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