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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2016 12:00 am

Hello, I am in need to write an essay of 5 pages + 1 work cited page. 

The essay is about "Market indicators of global economic discussion (pros/cons)"

Double spaced, times new roman font. Font size is 12. 

the first page should be about history about economists who have studied the connection between changes in the market and changes in the economy as a whole. talk about market movements "use any sources from books or trustworthy websites"

The second 2 pages should be about Pros "Why econmicsts believe the market is overreacting and we should expect global economic growth." Use any sources of books or trustworthy websites.

The next 2 pages should be about the Cons "Why the markets indicate an impending recession" Use any sources from books or trustworthy websites.

last page should be the work cited page. 

It is extremely important for this essay to be done on Thursday, the due date is extremely important. 


Thank you!


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