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Individual, standard written: 2,000 words or equivalent. You will be penalised according to the Academic Regulations for Taught Provision if you exceed the size limit.

The Requirements for the Assessment: 

you work for a local small and medium-sized Enterprise (SME) in the IT department. The organisation currently supplies medical equipment to the UK private sector. The company employs 40 people across two offices. The head office is located in Cheltenham; the other office is located in London. The organisation is undergoing an expansion plan. In order to tender for a new National Health Service (NHS) contract the company requires the Cyber Essentials certification. The IT director has made you responsible for the delivery of this requirement.

All the company sensitive data will be stored at the head office, but the London office requires access to systems and data at Cheltenham. They have a number of sales people travelling around the UK requiring access to the head office. The sales people are based at Cheltenham. However, they require remote access to the systems located at the Cheltenham office.

You have been tasked with creating a report detailing the following requirements:

  Provide an overview of the business requirements;

  Detail the scope of the project;

  Detail any assumptions you have made, both technical and


Detail the Cyber Essentials controls;

  Design and provide recommendations for safeguarding the

SME systems based on the Cyber Essentials scheme. This includes the infrastructure, data, applications and operating systems. The network, email and Internet traffic also need to be considered. Protecting and securing all the necessary data;

  Evaluate the impact on the business and estimated costs to implement Cyber Essentials;

  Provide a justification (strengths and weaknesses) for obtaining Cyber Essentials. Create a good argument.

Network diagrams would aid the presentation of your report illustrating any associated controls.





all the course files(lectures help files guide etc) will be provided after accepting the offer and should be used in aid to this report.

report should be referenced using harvard system.  


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