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Provide an economic analysis of the steel industry in the United States. Please model your analysis after those in the text, The Structure of American Industry – 12th Edition. In other words, your report should be a mix of overview and analysis, and it should follow the Structure – Conduct – Performance paradigm of industrial organization. Address public policy accurately. You will be evaluated primarily on your ability to apply what you learned in class to a new industry you haven’t studied. Therefore, it would be a good idea to compare and contrast this industry, along several dimensions, with those we studied in class, since doing so will highlight what you know. I expect a thorough report to be between 3 and 5 single-spaced pages. Be sure to cite your sources well, as I will not trust numbers if they seem to come from thin air. (I don’t care about proper formatting as long as I can figure out where you’re getting your information, even if it’s just from Wikipedia.)


Just so we’re on the same page, below is an idea of the kinds of questions that ought to be answered in the report. That doesn’t mean that you must answer every question, nor does it mean these are the only ones you should answer. These are just examples:

0) Supply/Demand – What is the nature of supply and demand in this industry?

1) Structure – What’s the concentration of this industry?

2) Structure – What kinds of barriers to entry exist in this industry?

3) Structure – How integrated or diversified are firms in this industry?

4) Structure – What’s the size distribution of firms in this industry?

5) Structure – How does competition from outside the U.S. affect this industry?

6) Conduct – How competitive are firms in this industry?

7) Conduct – How prevalent is R&D?

8) Conduct – How prevalent is advertising?

9) Conduct – Is there any evidence or history of collusion?

10) Performance – How close is this industry to perfect competition?

11) Performance – What is the rate of technological progress

12) Performance – How profitable are these companies?


Finally, attached are some files and below are some links that may prove helpful for you. Don’t feel like you have to use them all. You are welcome to use any and all research resources provided by online libraries. Please ask me any questions you have.

I need HIGH level work. Do not accept if you are going to rush through this project. Written well with no errors do not bid if you cannot provide a well written understandable analysis paper.

Thank You !!


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