Project #160753 - The Early Qin and Han Dynasties of China

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The Early Qin and Han Dynasties of China

Assignment: Plan and then write a 600-700 word paper that focuses on significant characteristics and accomplishments of BOTH the early Qin and then the Han Dynasties in China. That is, your goal is to describe each so someone who doesn't know anything about either one will have some insight/basic knowledge about each. (Note: The word "dynasty" means "a succession of people who hold power over several generations," e.g. a grandfather, a son, a grandson, a great-grandson). The Qin Dynasty ruled only 15 years (229 - 206 BCE), the Han Dynasty for 400 years (206 BCE - 220 CE).

TOPIC: You lived in China for five years and became especially interested in the ancient days of that amazing culture. Now you have been invited to a 6th grade class to explain why and how these two early dynasties are so important and so interesting in Ancient China. Your objective is to give the students an accurate, factual understanding of the nature and major accomplishments of these two dynasties, which are so opposite -- one an oppressive dictatorship, and the other a celebration of human accomplishments, but both of them times of astonishing accomplishments.

In the explanation of the nature of each dynasty, (1) include brief but specific explanation of 2 big accomplishments or innovations of each dynasty.  (2) And if you were to actually go to the class, what 4 things would you take with you to "illustrate" your talk?   For ex., for the Han Dynasty, you might take a piece of paper and a silk scarf.


Include a captioned image of each of the 4 things (two for each dynasty) you would take with you to the class.


(1) DO NOT just copy and paste; that will not earn your a good grade.
(2) Provide a citation for every single paraphrase and quotation in quotation marks that you take from any outside source, including class materials. See the APA handout I put in the Week 1 materials


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