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Research papers must be at-least 2,500 words (8-10 pages) including transcription/musical score analysis in order to earn a passing grade in this class. In order to earn the highest mark on your final project-you should plan on interviewing a musician or musical expert for your research paper. The interview should provide insight directly relevant to your topic and substantial quotes from the interview must be present in your paper. An “A” quality research paper must also have a thesis that states a proposition that is then explored via research and presented in class. Your essay should also begin with an introduction describing the topic, why you chose it, and stating your specific thesis. The paper should also explain specific musical qualities, sound characteristics, and stylistic attributes via western music theory and/or ethnotheory and provide a visual score or transcriptions illustrating important musical details, acoustic features, or performance points. The paper should end with a conclusion that revisits the original thesis, reflects upon what you learned via the research about the connection between music and culture and how the experience has impacted or altered your views and changed you or your group as people. A bibliography will be provided showing that a variety of sources including your textbooks with at least 5 encyclopedias, books, and articles were used. Your paper must also use materials such as quotes, theory, ideas from your course textbooks and articles. Be sure to critique any internet or online sources regarding accuracy, reliability, and who posted material and for what purpose.




1. Use Text-Book as one of the sources

(I will attach the Text-Book)

2. Make up a fake interview for the paper


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