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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/18/2016 03:00 pm

Product: Gillette Mach 3 Razors

Section 1: Background

A) Give some introductory information about your product/brand. Include the current status of the four P’s. Not needed is historic information (company beginnings, etc.). Only current data is needed here.

B) Research and discuss the brands target market:

    • demographics
    • also include the geographics, psychographics and any behavior-based segmenting variables (label them by base)
    • typical decision-making aspects (How would the target go through the Consumer Decision Process?  Where in the Consumer Decision Process does there seem to be issues?)
    • identify one market segment that you will discuss as a target market using segmenting variables discussed above.

 Section 2: Consumer Influences

Identify and analyze three of the most relevant aspects of consumer influences and their effect on the sale/adoption of the brand/product item. Provide reasoning why you believe the influence is relevant.

*** Examples of what might be included:***

  • Attitude
  • Perception
  • Learning/Memory/Consumer Information Processing
  • Motivation
  • Emotion
  • Personality
  • External Influences:
    • family
    • culture
    • social class
    • reference groups
    • situation
    • generation
    • any other external influences.

Section 3: Marketing Strategy

Identify current issues that may need consumer behavior research. Outline at least FIVE questions (relating directly to Consumer Behavior internal and or external factors). Include both closed-ended and open-ended questioning.  DO NOT question using marketing terms or concepts (ex. What are your perceptions of the brand?).  Qualifying questions (demographic or otherwise) are not included in the five required but you can ask these to get the correct sample for your survey.  Explain why each question needs to asked in terms of the Marketing Mix (4 P’s). State the question and then give the reasoning. Be sure to organize by paragraph. For example, an open-ended question might be “Are the current promotions being used by (the brand) effective in your eyes?  Explain why or why not."  A closed-ended question provides all the answers for the respondent.  An example would be:  "Of the following celebrities that endorsed (the brand) who, in your opinion influenced you the most to feel good or actually purchase (the brand)  (A) Micheal Phelps, (B) Tiger Woods, (C) Micheal Jordan, (D) Martina Navratilova  (E) none were very influential for me

***Examples of areas where questions regarding internal or external factors can be paired are:***

  • advertising
  • consumer decision process (be specific which stage)
  • public relations and publicity
  • sponsorship
  • cross promotion
  • product distribution (specific retailer, shelving, etc.)
  • product placement
  • alternative media
  • pricing
  • sales activities
  • customer service
  • packaging
  • brand name, brand images, brand personality figures or celebrity endorsers 

Section 4: Survey Consumers

Create a 7 to 10-question survey on the free option) using the questions developed in section 3. Collect survey results from 10-15 consumers that would be a part of the main target segment discussed in section 1.  In this section, tell how you recruited subjects to take the survey.  Did you offer any incentive?  Were there difficulties in doing this?

Section 5: Analyze Finding/Conclusion

Analyze your findings from the survey, including a minimum of one table. Discuss how your findings (even though they are from a very small sample) could be the basis for a larger research project to be conducted by the brand. A copy of the survey itself and your resulting data must be included in your presentation (results can be in table form). Last, make your recommendation if there needs to be a larger study conducted or not (and why). Identify and recommend which type of research approach should be done (Positivist or Interpretivist) and why.


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