Project #160778 - Final Course work on Film Reflection

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2016 12:00 pm

Read and make notes from the article by Archie B Carrol – “A three-dimensional model of corporate performance”


Although this article was written in 1979 it is still a good yardstick to judge business activities today. There are many perspectives and suggestions of what corporate social responsibility should involve in carrying out business activities in contemporary society. It is important that you reflect on these perspectives and suggestions and refer to them when completing this course work.


There are many areas of business activity relating to the food industry covered in the film Food Inc. In watching the film you need to select a range of business activities that you can analyse using theories or perspectives from the article. These may be examples where you can see that the business activity is not just fulfilling a responsibility in an activity but actually acting irresponsibly in that area.


It is important that you discuss each activity while making specific references to the article using the correct academic referencing techniques.


It is expected that your work will be word processed and approximately 1500 words in length.


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