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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2016 12PM

Part 1) Final Paper:

           Prepare and submit a writing report. DO NOT summit in questions and answer format, submit it in essay format. (More than 5 pages, plus references and cover, APA Style).


Part 2) Final Presentation:

          Oral presentation/PPT.

 Topic: Your are the president for an small company that sells  _____________ (tangible product) in both domestic and international (European) markets. The company is considering sale these same products to Mexico. An assessment of the Mexican    market needs to be completed before a final decision to enter this market is made.

a)       What products are sold in the company’s international markets? Do they vary by country or by region and explain?

b)      What types of promotion does favorite company emphasize in its international markets? Explain in details your plan?

c)       What kinds of distribution channels you will use for the new market?

d)      Does your company appears to be charging the same prices for its products that are being marketed to specific countries? How can you address that prices may by quoted in different currencies?

e)      What is the budget for this project and explain How you will make revenue?

f)        Explain everything within the free trade agreement including the benefits as an American company that exports products to Mexico.


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