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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/16/2016 12:00 am

his assignment is a required assessment developed by the College of Business. Required assessments allow the college to assess how well students are meeting learning outcomes and to adjust the course based on the data collected. You must complete all components of the assignment to pass the class.


The assignment requires research from an international human resource management perspective into the legal and political environment, labor and skill availability, recruitment, training and development practices, national ethics and business etiquette, industrial relations, safety and security risks associated with doing business in one of six countries/regions identified in the  SHRM Global Learning System: Canada, China, EU, India, UK and US (with USA being the least preferred because it is ‘domestic’). Building on the rough draft outline developed in Week 3 and incorporating any feedback the instructor provided, you will complete this presentation for final submission. Using the Assignment Rubric listed below as a guide, you will present your research to the class via PowerPoint software, incorporating the notes feature to provide detailed information. Where appropriate, provide examples from multinational firms operating in the assigned country to support the information in the PowerPoint slides. Post the presentation to the Presentation Discussion Board for your peers to review. You will also provide feedback to one of your peers on the strengths and weaknesses of their presentation. Ask a question on your peer's presentation to seek additional information or clarification. Answer any questions about your own presentation in the discussion board. The completed presentation should have the following components:


• Title Page (include name) (1 slide)

• Introduction – purpose of presentation (1 slide)

• The Political and Legal Environment (1-2 slides)

• Demographic, Labor and Skill availability (host country, expatriate, transnational (1-2 slides)

• Recruitment Practices, Recruitment Agencies availability (1-2 slides)

• Business Ethics  and Values  (1-2 slides)

• Business Etiquette (1-2 slides)

• Industrial Relations (3-4 slides)

• Safety and Security Risks (3-4 slides)

• Summary (strategic training and develop implications for HR) (2-4 slides)

• References (2-4 slides)


The presentation should also meet the following requirements:

• Use Microsoft PowerPoint slides to highlight the main points.

• Use graphics and charts where appropriate.

• Use no more than 6 words per line, 6 lines per slide.

• Use the notes feature to provide more detailed information and justification for your decisions.

• Follow directions related to content and information sources.

• Please use college-level English appropriate to the course material.

• Include key concept vocabulary from the text to demonstrate understanding.

• Use APA format for citation and references.

• Check for errors of spelling and grammar.


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