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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/20/2016 05:00 pm

Length:                1200 words (you are allowed +/- 10%)


Weighting:         25%


Details - Essay question


The traditional focus upon apprehending offenders, the adversarial system of the courts and general lack of concern about the effect of victimisation have meant that in the past the treatment of victims and their rights and needs has not been adequately acknowledged’ (Dixon nd). Critically discuss how the treatment of victims contributes to police legitimacy. Provide at least TWO case studies to support your answer.


Step-by-step guide


1. Review lecture notes and associated readings and identify the critical factors and important issues relating to police legitimacy.


  • What is police legitimacy?
  • Why is police legitimacy essential for policing and dealing with victims?
  • What can occur in terms of police-community relations if police legitimacy is not achieved e.g. victim and community relationships?


2. Read the lecture recording, required and recommended readings on the following topics introduced in Weeks 4–7:


  • Police legitimacy
  • communication
  • customer service
  • community policing
  • procedural justice


3. Review wider academic material. 


4. As you review the materials, take notes on the importance of communication, customer service etc, in dealing with victims:


  • Why are these topics discussed in weeks 4-7 important for effective policing and victim liaison?
  • How does each chosen topic contribute to the legitimacy of police within our community, and in particular, with victims?


5. Locate and research at least TWO case studies of police treatment of victims. These can be both positive and negative examples of police interactions with victims. You should critically discuss how these case examples can demonstrate the impact of victim liaison on police legitimacy.



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