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  1.  What is meant by the phrase “ecological resistance in the Fourth World?” Give an example of a people who fit this description and describe what they did.


  1. What was the relationship between slavery in Brazil and Japanese immigration?


  1.  What is a “contingency fee” and what does this have to do with the legal case against Chevron in Ecuador?


  1.  What is meant by “Optimal Foraging Strategy”?


  1.  What novel method of financing the Ecuadorean plaintiffs’ case did Donziger come up with? What was the negative consequence of this plan for the plaintiff’s lawyers?


  1. . What technologies related to food changed social and political structure?


  1.  What is the Catch-22 acculturation clause and what did it mean to the Kayapo?


  1.  What does McMorran see as drawbacks of “themed communities”?

 9..  Do you live in a “web” environment or a “grid” environment? Describe the difference between urban webs and grids. Describe a web environment as it might exist in the South Bay area. Contrast it to a grid environment in the South Bay.

  1.  The Kayapó resistance took place in the late 1980’s. They were a remarkable people in that they used modern “tools” (both physical things and organizational strategies) to help preserve their traditional way of life. Describe what happened to the Kayapó and what “tools” they used to combat an increasingly invasive form of globalism. Compare this to the “tools” used by the Cofán people of Ecuador in their attempt to preserve their traditional way of life. Are the tools the same or do the Cofán have some new tools in their tool kit? What are the Cofán resisting? Were the “tools” of the Kayapó sufficient to protect them from change? Do you think the “tools” the Cofán are using thirty years later more effective?


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