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Make 3 pages essay about fascism, double spaced

Out of the chaos of the First World War, and the immediate years following the war, arose a new authoritarian political orientation called Fascism. Fascism stressed nationalism, militarism, anti-communism, anti-liberalism, and economic corporatism. Benito Mussolini took control of Italy in 1922, becoming the first Fascist leader, espousing a totalitarian ideology in order to end the turmoil resulting from the end of the war. Fascism advocated the absolute power of the State, but presented the State as a moral, positive, and benevolent entity.

Fascism quickly spread throughout Europe and by the 1930s Fascists controlled Germany, Spain, and Portugal, in addition to Italy. It was seen as a bulwark against communism and liberalism and sought to end class struggle. Think about the individual tenets of Fascism and how they were used to create a new society in which citizens actively contributed to the power of the State. Consider the way of life of citizens under Fascism.

Write an essay that describes how Fascist leaders wanted to recreate the political and social nature of Italy. What characteristics of Fascism did people find appealing? 


The essay should incorporate this history document! (Read the source and answer the prompt)


find 2-3 more sources, dont forget works cited (MLA)



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